AllergenSafe™ system is Hela Spice Canada’s answer to total allergen control.


Control of allergenic cross-contamination is one of the toughest challenges in our industry of formulating and blending dry ingredients. At the same time, allergen related recalls represent the largest group amongst food recalls in Canada.


We have adopted AIB’s Allergen Information Manual as the fundamental basis to control Allergens. This manual systematically addresses the numerous systems that need to be perfectly working in order to achieve the highest possible levels of allergen control.


What makes our AllergenSafe™ system unique is that critical decision-making is computerized, thereby significantly reducing the chances of human error.


Hela Spice Canada’s AllergenSafe™ system covers the design, formulation, rework, receiving, production, equipment scheduling, warehousing, shipping and sanitation processes. Data integration, automated verifications, and safety crosschecks drastically reduce the chances of errors.