After numerous years of using conventional metal detection technology, Hela Spice Canada invented and developed the A1-MetalCheck™ system, which is a combination of equipment, statistics and software to achieve unprecedented levels of food product metal safety. It has taken us years of development and capital investment to achieve this superior level of metal detection capability.


The state of the art metal detection equipment provides the best data possible to the proprietary predictive software developed by Hela Canada. Using rigorous statistical methods, the predictive software increases the resolution and detection capabilities of our metal detection system and now it allows Hela Spice Canada to significantly reduce detection limits for ferrous, stainless steel and non-stainless foreign materials.


This system also enables us to digitally record and archive metal detection data (proof) on an individual bag-by-bag basis. This information may be available whenever it is required.


This unsurpassed level of metal detection capability and related record keeping will alleviate any concerns our customers may have about the possibility of such foreign materials in Hela Spice  Canada’s blended or re-packaged products.